Real Estate

Real Estate

Hard money for real estate can be life-changing if used correctly. Why? Because of speed and flexibility. This is why we have worked hard to create programs for real estate investors aimed aggressively at helping their businesses progress daily.

Programs that allow for real estate purchase, rehab, fix and flip or collateral-based financing can help investors do more deals and manage working capital. We offer blanket loans, portfolio loans, and credit lines to purchase multi-family properties, investment rentals, commercial properties, new construction and more. We have programs that can close in as little 10 to 30 days with very, very competitive rates.

But we also understand hard money isn’t about high rate loans. It’s more about allowing real estate investors and builders keep the momentum when the markets have demand. It’s about truly thinking creatively when it comes to lending and providing options that traditional banks aren’t servicing. We don’t try to fit customers into our programs. Instead, we understand their needs and then align that goal with the product that best fits.

A few options:

  • Owner-occupied residential and commercial hard money.

  • Up to 100% financing for acquisitions, construction, and refinancing. Up to 30 years fully amortized.

  • Fix and flips, purchase, washout, construction – closings starting at 3, 10, and up to 60 days

  • Low doc and no doc

  • Options for scores 580 to 720 and no credit

  • Loan amounts from $50k and up to $20MM+